Hi, I'm Leigh Pietersen.

I am an Amsterdam-based senior product designer currently working at Backbase, a digital banking solution that helps banks improve their entire customer lifecycle, by moving faster than competitors, and creating 10x better banking experiences.

With 7+ years of experience as a product designer, I have a proven track record of delivering simple and impactful products that drive results for businesses and individuals. I also possess a strong focus on team development, striving to minimize design waste and establishing effective collaboration guidelines for development and management teams.

My previous experience includes working at Navan (Previously TripActions), the world's leading corporate travel management company, as well as at Sanlam, where I was part of their innovative insure-tech start-up, Sanlam Indie. I have also gained valuable insights working at various independent product-based studios.

My extensive experience across diverse environments has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the product design process and a commitment to creating solutions that are both straightforward and impactful, addressing the unique needs of clients.

Hello, it's me!
I enjoy cycling and drinking coffee, also taking in the ocean views.
I also really enjoy hiking with friends and exploring new places.
Speaking of new places, pre-covid I enjoyed travelling with my partner.
Lastly please enjoy this professional shot of my fur baby.