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Onboarding Research

UX Research & Design
Sanlam Indie
Sanlam Indie is South Africa's largest online insurance company that focuses on making financial services accessible to all by building modern products with the latest technology.

Working within the Product Design team, my role was to establish drop off points within Sanlam Indie's onboarding process.
User Testing
UX Research
Apr 2018 — Jun 2018
Many users going through Sanlam Indie's onboarding questions did not know their height and therefore would drop off during the process. My role was to identify this problem and solve it through user testing and design.

Once the designs and prototype were ready, the team and I tested our findings. During the user testing, the results were that 8 out of 10 users were able to estimate their height. Once implemented, we found an increase of 20.86% in users being able to move past this screen.